About us

About Rural Villager, the mayor of Dreamtown
Who is Rural Villager the mayor of Dreamtown? Why was Dreamtown built?

In midsummer in 1962, he was born in Nangan, Matsu, a tranquil small village. Rural Villager was once a great and successful merchant who was all-powerful in the market. 
Due to the calling of dream deep down in his heart that keeps hunting him all night long, he decided suddenly to let go his adorable achievements, to step into Nature and make a new start instead, so as to build Dreamtown??? a dream kingdom for everyone.

The true, the good and the beautiful in culture, art, and Nature
The "TURE" in culture and art
Visit Dreamtown, and you will come to know that the true in culture and art is here.

The "GOOD" in culture and Nature
Get to see precipitous Chilai, beautiful Tainchih, mountainous Hehuanshan, handsome Wuling, and tranquil green hills. The indigenous tribe boasts significant rocks and colorful flowers, as well as primitive hot springs. Rivers and streams purl on this uncultivated land, flowing into the softness deep down in people???s hearts, to bring us energy and enrich our souls

The "BEAUTIFUL" in art and Nature 
The personal creation piled up by our life has taken down the depth depicted in every stroke, being extended to every piece of work to add beauty for every corner in Dreamtown. 

Situated at the highest point in which all the beautiful landscape of Chilai can be seen, its art complements with Nature each other, with pervading cultural atmosphere??? In fact, art is Nature, and Nature is art.